For Lottery & Gaming
POS Devices

One of the major design consideration in Weaver platform is to operate the Gaming operation irrespective of the access channel. For the Retail Channel, Weaver solution supports a wide range of POS Terminal Solutions, which includes

Third Party Dedicated Hardware POS

Open System Architecture of Weaver brings the system unbundled to any hardware; thus extending the flexibility select any dedicated POS hardware by the Operator.

PC POS along with Printer

A standard PC / Laptop connected over internet gives a quick and easy POS interface, reducing the learning curve to almost ZERO. More so, it also extends the flexibility to ride on top of existing hardware with the retailer.

Wireless Handheld Terminal

In the current era of Mobile Technology, Mobile retailing has increased than ever before. A mobile handheld terminal with embedded battery and printer; connected over wireless mobile data network, gives the operator the opportunity to implement a quick penetration of retailers with a much lower cost of capital investment. More so, these mobile handheld terminals are quite retail space friendly. Weaver has worked with a number of vendors like Ingenico, Verifone, Mobiwire, Telepower and many more to deliver such flexible solution.

Mobile App

Especially for low volume emerging markets, at times, the capital cost involved in roll out of POS devices is much higher than the overall business volume, thus making the POS device roll out extremely difficult, especially making such distribution business less and less profitable. That's where the innovative solution from STPL contributes to higher returns and low capital investment of the Gaming operator. Weaver platform comes with Mobile Phone downloadable application as a POS device, where the Ticket can be either printed on the Bluetooth enabled mobile thermal printer OR the ticket data is sent on the player's phone over SMS. Interestingly, Weaver supports mobile phone devices from basic Java phone to a high end Android phone as well.

Third Party Channel Network

Open System & Modular Design has been one of the key feature of Weaver Platform, enabling the connectivity with independent modules of third party systems. One of the most common practice on this principle is to use already established channel network of third party, resulting in huge savings on time and Capital investment for the Operator. More so, this extends the benefit to the Player, as the service is available to a larger set of points. Typically such third party channel network includes, but not limited to


With single integration with central system of a bank, the system allows the products / services to be available on all possible channels of the bank. A subscriber, being the account holder of the bank, can charge their account directly using the funds of the bank account. Special integration with the banks should be handled for this type of charging. In the place of banking, the subscriber will be given an option to charge his Telecom account where he can choose the amount of credit which will be deducted directly from his bank account. This can be extended to various places of banking such as

  • Bank ATM
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking

Third Party POS Terminal Network

for any other services like Retail Chain Outlets, Gas Station Networks etc.

STPL's experience of operating in varying operating environment, including very harsh and competitive environments like India.It is advisable to plan for a mixed flavor of Retail terminal infrastructure after understanding the market requirement from inside-out and are willing to innovate and exceed the expectations of Operator. Thus introducing a range of Retailer Terminal solutions in various market segments.