Behind the Scenes
April 23, 2019
Sugal & Damani shares its experience in Delivering Instant and Personalized Services to Millennials

Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA) recently concluded its seminar
on ‘Lotteries in the Digital World’.

The Group CEO, Mr. Kamlesh Vijay spoke about his vision and global experience involving delivering instant and personalized services to the Millenials in the digital world.

Mr. Kamlesh Vijay, commented;
  “Every modern lottery is talking about creating traction for the Millennials, who constitute a large segment of population, having disposable income, means and influence. Handling this demography is not easy as they have discerning taste and lingering choices.

World over; Sports, high frequency and instant win games are natural choices for this segment at the cost of traditional lottery games. The choices before an operator are diverse and tricky due to regulatory framework, cultural and social orientation.

It was a perfect opportunity for us at APLA to discuss this subject in detail and set our vision for the future

It is said that Challenges lead to brilliance. In India the regulators and lawmakers, have banned instant win games long time back and recently imposed the highest slab of GST tax rate leading to infeasibility of running the most popular forms of high frequency games. Any forms of sports games – fixed odds, pools or even sports lottery have never been allowed. Under such a challenging situation some of the operators and technology providers had to come up with brilliant ideas and offer unique services involving skill and fantasy games to attract the Millennials.

As an example; Skilrock Technologies Pvt Ltd from India, which is a group company of Sugal & Damani and also a Gold contributor to WLA, designed unique services around its gaming platform, which were immaculately launched by another Group company of Sugal & Damani to attract, service and retain very discerning Millennial players with an extensive range of loyalty, bonus and customer services with deployment of latest AI, ML ,data analytics and also AR and VR for immersive gaming experience. Now this experience is benefiting a large number of operators across the world.

Lotteries around the world have to adopt latest technologies, keep pace with the expectations of Millennials and provide them one of the finest services to ensure maximization of revenues for good causes.”

APLA 2019

Event: APLA/WLA Seminar 2019
Venue: Danang, Vietnam 14 – 18 April 2019

Copy of his presentation can be downloaded from:

About Sugal & Damani Group

Sugal & Damani Group is a 48 year old privately held diversified business conglomerate with revenues exceeding US$2 billion. The group runs the largest state government lottery operations in India and has diversified into Skill based games, fantasy sports and other services, which are attractive to the young adult players.

Its Group Company SKILROCK TECHNOLOGIES is a Gold Contributor of WLA, a leading Lottery and Gaming technology provider, which offers innovative gaming solutions for the emerging markets. S&D also runs a very large payment services business called “Payworld” with over 200,000 retail touch points.

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