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Scratch Card Games

Fun of Scratch !!

  • Secure Ticket Design practices to enhanced protection against ticket compromises
  • Attractive Ticket designs, enhancing appeal with local flavors and global experience
  • New Game formats with dynamic scratch shapes for increased player involvement
  • Varying ticket size including standard sizes from 1.5"X2" to 4"X11"
  • Available on all possible game theme from Scratch Weaver
  • Ticket / Book Level Tracking & Activation
  • Inventory Management & Custom Game Reporting
  • Game Life Cycle Management
Instant Terminal Games

Its Instantly Different

  • Innovative Instant Win Games drawing colors from draw & scratch card games
  • Relief from long planning; logistics & stock management of printed scratch card Tickets
  • Giving a new life to traditional scratch cards and Best fit with Draw Games on Terminals
  • Player fun of instant win games kept intact
  • Large number of games with low capital & resource investment
  • Available on all game themes from Scratch Weaver

Have you designed ever your games by you own !!

Scratch Weaver

Traditionally Instant Ticket generation has been a time and effort consuming exercise and the efforts requirement in such an exercise increases exponentially with the complexity of ticket design, number of entities involved in the design, number of tickets to be generated and prize distribution constraints. Earlier, such tickets were generated manually, however later customized tools were developed to cater in house requirements of ticket printers.

Scratch Weaver is a next generation system for instant ticket generation, having quantum improvement over existing systems. Scratch weaver is world's only Instant Ticket generation system which fully caters to the imagination of a game designer without restricting him under technological & process limitations. Some of the features include:

  • Based on our own IP (Patent Pending)
  • Complete flexibility in Game Design & Game Design Cycle doing away the restrictive sequencing
  • Provided with Comprehensive Graphics Library for Quick Ticket Design with pick and drop feature.
  • Minimum Turn-Around Time to generate tickets for new Games
  • Ticket Level Security

Not only this, Scratch Weaver provides an integrated solution to deal with end to end requirements of Instant ticket generation, which will allow various parties to participate in ticket generation and their authorities will be restricted to their roles. It is also important to note that Scratch Weaver not only caters to Lottery industry but also meets the expectation of marketing agencies while giving Promotional games offered along with their products.