For Ecommerce & Payments

Technology Solution

Paykonnect – the Commercial Services Platform is being used by a large number of businesses across the globe. For last 10 years of maturity cycle, the platform has integrated with hundreds of third party product vendors for Prepaid (EVD or Flexi Recharge) and Postpaid (bill payment) for Mobile / Airtime recharge, DTH, Electricity etc, along with a number of other services. Paykonnect is an all-encompassing yet very modular Platform which addresses the needs of diverse markets, access channels and emerging technologies, practically suiting the requirements of any Commercial Services Operator anywhere in the world.

Paykonnect has been designed with a lot of emphasis on the architecture of its core engine to make it flexible, comprehensive and future proof. Emphasis continues to be on robustness and throughput under high transaction environment Diverse business framework with constant change in behavior of the consumers, emerging range of new services and the need to support diverse range of current and future products as the basis of its design. Security and Integrity is maintained with authorization of access for all peripheral modules.

Design Philosophy

  • Channel Scalability
  • Lower Capital Investment
  • Unbundled POS Hardware
  • Infrastructure Diversity
  • Hosted Platform
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
  • Latest Technology
  • Time To Market
  • Innovative
  • Flexible Modular