Behind the Scenes
JUNE 07, 2019
Skilrock Awes Delegates at the 10th EL Congress

Skilrock is back after an extremely successful participation at the 10th European Lotteries Congress at Antwerp, Belgium. It exhibited and showcased a wide range of solutions and services for the lottery industry which specifically addressed the challenges of attracting new generation of players towards lotteries. Various European lotteries also evinced interest in Skilrock’s attractive Scratch Cards and Tablet based gaming to bring back excitement towards the Retail Lottery shop. Going beyond the attractive front-end, the extensive player management features involving acquisition, retention and servicing of players and back office admin feature of iLottery platform provided by Skilrock and its ease of integration with existing lottery platform was attractive to many European lotteries who are looking for robust and extensive solutions to reach out to Digital audiences.

ICE 2019

Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director at Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd stated

“It could not have been better for us at Skilrock!

The European Lotteries have diverse business needs, discerning tastes and attention to detail. The visitors to our booth thoroughly enjoyed what we showcased to them in terms of maturity and depth of the solution with innovative approach to everything that we do.

The Lottery business is more than ‘Skin Deep’; it goes much beyond the visual attractiveness of the gameplay and involves the entire dimension of User Experience as well as Backend service delivery dimension of the operator.

Skilrock’s channel independent unified gaming approach and its strong belief that even Retail experience can be enhanced manifold for every lottery operator using its Smart Retail solution was very well understood and appreciated

We look forward to our further engagements with European Lotteries”

About Skilrock Technologies

Skilrock Technologies is a leading technology solution provider for the lottery, gaming and payment industry with its R&D centres located at global IT hubs. It is technology arm of $2 billion Sugal & Damani Group, who are leaders of Indian lottery & gaming operations. The Omni-Channel Gaming Platform of Skilrock serves RETAIL, iGAMING & SELF SERVICE channels with equal ease and at the same time supporting a wide variety of games like Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Instant, Sports, Poker, Rummy, Casino and Slots.

More than 200,000 retail touch points and over 5 million iGaming players across 22 jurisdictions have been serviced by Skilrock.