Skilrock is a technology & services Company with extensive skillset in latest high-tech areas, specializing in innovative technology solution for Lottery, Gaming & Payment services industries. Utilizing 48 years of extensive domain experience across continents, ‘Infiniti’, the 4th Generation Platform of Skilrock is a true Omni-Channel, Omni-Gaming Platform capable of servicing any lottery or gaming operator anywhere in the world.


Skilrock introduces its 4th Generation platform called INFINITI. True to its name, it addresses the infinite needs of diverse markets - games, channels, technologies of today and fully extensible for tomorrow. Together with the full suite of customization and services, INFINITI is guaranteed to meet any requirement of any operator anywhere in the world.


Skilrock offers a suite of full turnkey services that range from gaming consultancy, solution designing, IT infrastructure design & implementation, customization and custom development, on-site services, training & documentation, system administration & support services allowing our clients to fully focus on their core business operations.

Our application services are customized and designed for customer specific needs and requirements.

Our enterprise services are oriented to digitally transform and enable our client’s businesses for the future.

Our Niche services are designed to enhance the value proposition for the business for future.